Adopters poster

— About Me —

Adam Szklenar graduated in music composition at Goldsmiths University of London, where he studied with Mikko Gordon (Radiohead, Pendulum) and Sean Woodlock (LCO, The Comet Is Coming). In 2022 Adam joined Alan Meyerson‘s (Hans Zimmer – Gladiator, The Lion King, Dune) film music recording and mixing masterclass in Studio La Fabrique in France. He continues to work on several orchestral and multimedia projects.

— About the film —

The Adopters is a feature film about two lovers, Gildo and Gianella, who find themselves at the centre of a conflict between a criminal organisation called The Adopters and a journalist threatening to expose their crimes. Though Gildo is an ex-member, he must return for a last job to put an end to the chaos that he may have caused.
London-based MTN Film‘s largest production yet, The Adopters is running at film festivals internationally at the moment. Details about the public release will be coming soon.